Friday, August 23, 2013

MMS (Mama Mia Shaza) Contest

Hai all J Sunny and happy Friday. I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of you for the endless support on MMS and any of my e-novels in the blog. Sangat-sangat menghargai dan selagi berkesempatan, Emy akan terus berkongsi idea bersama semua J

            For any of my late entries, I’m sorry for that cos my commitment comes first and writing goes second. Nota cinta ini bukan entry tapi Emy ada pengumuman nak share dengan semua dearies.

            Ya, I know Mama Mia Shaza (MMS) has been published quite long a go when I wasn’t around tapi di sini ada contest kecil tentang MMS. Contest MMS senang saja and all you have to do is by following the instructions below :

            1. Send me a picture of your own MMS. As an example, here is my own copy of MMS .

            2. Jawab dua soalan mudah di bawah berkenaan MMS.
            i. – What are the two main things that describe Syazwan Imad?
            ii. – What are the two main things that describe Mia Shaza?

            Hantarkan penyertaan ke Page Emy Roberto (link is on your left side of this blog) di dalam inbox message. Penyertaan akan ditutup pada 1 September 2013 J Sesiapa yang menjawab dengan betul akan mendapat ‘buah hati’ dari Emy. It’s not biggie the walawei but I hope it’s something that will remind you of me J

            Terima kasih daun keladi all and do not hesitate to join ya *sorry Emy tak pandai tulis ayat bunga. Last but not least, enjoy reading my other pieces di blog dearies. Love you all loads!


  1. Hi Emy ...
    i'll send my picca later >
    hope menang n menang :P

    i enjoy reading ur MMS hoccay.

  2. oh! kena pi selak balik MMS nampaknya...

  3. Emy Dear...

    Buka contest tuk MMS? surprise..surprise...tapi xleh nak join. MMS novel, of course dah beli n baca berulang-ulang kali. Sebab ending yg best, kalu follow ending dr blog, confirm asyik menangis aje.

    How about KB, dh lama tunggu. Haip! jgn kata KB dah ke laut, belum lagi tau. Mana tahu untung boleh terbit b4 end of this year. Keep up good work dear, I always be with you and support all the way.

    With big hug and luv:- Has